• Ball Type Check Valves (NRV) B-01

    Principal: Ball Type Check Valves (NRV) B-01 was the first of the valve at Normex with unique design and technology for the first time in India. A very simple and robust design with no mechanism involved. The heart ofб═ valve is rubber coated ball. The mechanism hinge-pin-disc used in conventional check valves is eliminated and […]

  • Rubber Lined Check Valves B-02

    Rubber Lined Check Valves (Flanged) are lined internally with Ebonite Hard rubber so that media does not come in contact with metal. This Model is most suitable for corrosive/erosive applications. The overall dimensions of this valve will be similar to standard Ball NRV bur face. To face length will br more by 6-10mm. Download Catalogue

  • Ball Check Valves B-06

    This Ball Check Valves is designed specially for lower pressure applications where the pipes are threaded. The working principal and features are as model B-01 giving all the advantages of the Ball Type design. The typical applications are domestic pumping, low rise building pumping, small irrigation systems. The working pressure is 6 bar. Download Catalogue